Realtor Membership Required?

Is it required that I become a REALTOR?

It is brokerage policy that all sales associates also maintain membership with a local association of Realtors. New agents have 30 days after joining to comply with this requirement. 

If you are not able or willing to join the Association of Realtors, we recommend our sister brokerage LicensePark Real Estate

LicensePark allows you to "park" your real estate license, keeping it in active status and without the need to maintain Realtor membership. The only tradeoff is that you are only permitted to refer real estate clients/transactions to other licensed agents. You may be paid referral fees for sending these referrals, but you may not conduct any other real estate business. This is a great option for retiring agents who want to monetize their book of business and contacts, and also for social butterfly agents who make lots of connections but would rather outsource the work to other agents and just collect passive income instead. And if you just want to keep your hard-earned real estate license in an active status without worrying about Realtor dues, MLS fees, E&O charges, etc. then parking your license with LicensePark might be right for you.

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