Selling Agent Owned Properties

If you are selling a property that you or an immediate family member own, then it is considered Agent Owned Property or A.O.P. 

Due to the increased risk, E&O costs, and broker supervision, the charge for A.O.P. sales is 2x (two times) the normal fee amount. 

Immediate family is defined as spouses, children, parents, and siblings.

If you are handling an A.O.P. transaction that becomes dual agency you must immediately notify the brokerage. The charge for A.O.P. sales COMBINED with dual agency - in the event that were to occur - is 4x (four times) the normal fee amount. 

Per the terms of the Independent Contractor Agreement, AOP transactions must charge a minimum commission of 1% of the sales price. The brokerage fees are deducted from this amount and the balance will be paid out to you as commission or as seller proceeds. 

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