Why Was My License Dropped?

State law requires brokers to supervise licensees appropriately. As a virtual brokerage the primary method of communication with our Sales Associates is through email. For this reason, as a condition of affiliating with Ashby & Graff, all Sales Associates must subscribe to the brokerage emails. 

When an Ashby & Graff Sales Associate unsubscribes from our email list, it triggers an automated process of dropping the unsubscribed licensee from the brokerage. This ensures the brokerage is only affiliated with licensees who we can properly supervise as required by DRE regulations and state law. 

Unsubscribed By Accident?

If you unsubscribed unintentionally or you otherwise wish to re-affiliate with Ashby & Graff after unsubscribing you will need to resubscribe to our email list. And then you will need to follow the instructions below to move your license through the DRE system. If your license was dropped from our brokerage more than 30 days ago, then you will have to apply to re-join at www.joinashbygraff.com

To complete your employment change, please visit the CalDRE eLicensing system, log-in, and select "change employer".

IMPORTANT:  When initiating your employment change on the CalDRE eLicensing website, you will be asked if the Broker is available to certify your acceptance now. Please select "No". You will then be asked for the Broker's email address (info@GraffRE.com) and license number 02041450.

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