Brokerage W9

Agents may request a copy of our tax form W9. 

You can obtain the brokerage W9 by CLICKING HERE.

If you are looking for our Tax ID number or EIN, please use: 47-4922013


Questions about the W9 address/corporation name compared to the remittance address/brokerage name? 

The W9 form provided includes the IRS-required tax information for the corporation that owns Ashby & Graff Real Estate. That corporation has an address in Westlake Village, CA as is reflected on the W9.
Ashby & Graff Real Estate is the brokerage that is owed commission and our commission remittance address is not the same address as the corporation's address. Commissions must be sent to the remittance address provided. Commissions can be made payable to the brokerage OR to the corporation named on the W9 as long as the payment is sent to the remittance address provided. 
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