Do I Qualify For Unemployment Insurance Benefits?

Question: Can I file for unemployment and list Ashby & Graff as my employer?

Answer: All Brokers and Sales Associates at Ashby & Graff are 1099 independent contractors, as a result you are technically self-employed and therefore not eligible for unemployment benefits based on this arrangement. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, state regulations were adjusted to allow self-employed independent contractors to claim unemployment benefits. 

Whether applying under the protections extended during the COVID-19 pandemic or otherwise applying for unemployment benefits, you should NEVER put Ashby & Graff down as your employer on the application. You are self-employed and therefore NOT EMPLOYED by Ashby & Graff. If you put Ashby & Graff on the application as your employer your application will take longer to process and will eventually be denied by the state.

Further questions should be directed to your state unemployment division. 


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