When Will I Receive My Referral Commission?

Question: A referral transaction just closed. When will I receive my commission owed for the referral?

Commissions are paid out within 48 hours of the brokerage receiving them and you will receive an automated email notice when the payment is initiated. As long as the incoming commission payment references the transaction or your name we won't have any trouble matching it to you. 

Questions about the location or the timing of receiving your referral commission must be directed to the receiving agent. We are not a party nor broker to the transaction involved so we do not have any information as to the status. 

Please note: Depending on the receiving brokerages policies they may not send the referral commission for several days to weeks of the transaction closing. If a transaction closed more than 30 days ago and you have not received payment please reach out to the receiving agent for a status update. 

Agents may request expedited commission payment processing by following this link: https://form.jotform.com/231496122003040

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