Self-Represented Buyer Commission Requirements

Question: If I am making an offer on my house and want to put my commission as buyer agent towards the purchase price what is the lowest commission I need to make to cover all of Ashby and Graff's fees?  The purchase price is under $1m.

The entire commission is owed to the brokerage until a completed file has been turned in. Assuming a completed file is turned in without incident then you would pay the flat fee under your plan plus the E&O fee. At that point we can send instructions to escrow to pay the balance of the commission direct to you (or to the seller, if that is easier for you). 

You can let the listing agent know your intentions but you are not permitted to instruct commissions be reduced or redirected without brokerage approval. 

The minimum commission requirement for regular transactions is $2,000 per million of purchase price or 3% (whichever is LESS). 

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